Georgetown Name Usage and Vendor PR Policy

Georgetown does not provide endorsements of products or vendors or contribute to vendor case studies. Upon approval from the Office of Communications, a vendor may utilize Georgetown’s name in a text list of customers or clients, or in a work portfolio. Any logo or likeness usage must be approved by the Georgetown Visual Identity Group.

Georgetown does not generally issue joint press releases with vendors or outside organizations, and press releases using the Georgetown University name must be approved by Georgetown’s Office of Communications. Releases must be factual and may not include vendor promotion, including quotes from university representatives that may imply endorsement.

Filming on Georgetown University’s Campus

Georgetown University’s campuses, including their grounds, buildings, classrooms, and dormitories, are private property. Except as permitted by and in compliance with this Policy, you may not shoot film, photos, or video, or make audio recordings (all of which, for convenience, are referred to in this Policy as “filming”) on campus. The University’s Office of Strategic Communications (OCOMM), in consultation with other University stakeholders, is responsible for granting or denying requests to film on campus.

On-Campus Media Policy

Georgetown’s campus is private property and written permission from the Office of Strategic Communications is required before external filming or photography can take place in exterior or interior spaces on-campus.

The Office of Strategic Communications is available to assist news media with shooting stills, video and film on campus, including setting up locations and gaining access to restricted areas after permission has been granted. Generally, filming is not allowed in classrooms or student residences.