Filming on Georgetown University’s Campus

Georgetown University is private property. Advertising and commercial filming projects are prohibited except with written permission from the Office of Communications. Call (202) 687.4328 for further information.

News filming is generally permitted in outdoor public spaces on campus as long as the news organization’s story pertains to or involves the university or a member of our community, which includes faculty, students, staff and alumni. Permission to film in any exterior or interior spaces on university property must be approved by and coordinated with the Office of Communications. This includes administrative buildings, residence halls and dining areas, classrooms, laboratories and places of worship. Permission must be granted from individual faculty for classrooms and laboratories and permission to visit dorms or other spaces must be approved by the Office of Communications.

This policy applies to any type of photography – stills, video and film – and to any reporters with cameras. The Office of Communications is available to assist news media with shooting stills, video and film on campus if needed, including setting up locations and gaining access to restricted areas after permission has been granted. News organizations also should be aware that parking is extremely limited on campus and often unavailable. Call (202) 687.4328 for assistance.